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“Discover Little-Known Training Strategies to Quickly Teach Your Dog to Become Well-Behaved and Obedient… Without Spending Hours and Hours Training”

“Common Problems Facing Most Dog Owners”

Do you…

  • Hate it when your dog jumps on your guests?
  • Can’t stand it when your dog begs at the table?
  • Get tired of not being able to leave the kitchen because you know your dog will steal ANYTHING that you leave on the counter?
  • Wish that your dog would just listen to you when you say “go lie down.”
  • Get embarrassed at how out of control your dog sometimes becomes?
  • Wish your dog would come back when called?
  • Get sick and tired of your dog ripping your arm out every time you go for a walk?
  • Want your dog to hold the stay command no matter where you are?


  • Are you tired of apologizing for your dog’s bad behavior?
  • Dislike the idea of using harsh training methods to bring your dog under control?
  • Are you irritated because you have no control over your dog’s behavior?

If this describes you in the least bit, then the Dog Training Inner Circle was developed specifically for you. You see, the beauty of this program is that you can…

“…Teach Your Dog to Stop Jumping, Stealing, Begging and to Respond to Your Commands Without Spending Hours and Hours Training Your Dog”

Instead of relying on friends, family, or “other experts” to show you how to get your dog to behave, the Dog Training Inner Circle will show you how to get your dog to behave without you having to try and figure it out on your own.

Here is an unsolicited comment and video from a subscriber in Norway:

“Hello Eric,

I have read your articles and watched your videos since I started training my Rufus. I thought perhaps you might like to see what you’re advice has done. The video was done when he was just 11 weeks. He is now 4 months old. Rufus always asks to go out to relieve himself. He understands about 20 or so action commands including the all important quick ‘come’. I can easily walk him off the leash around my area. I briefly used the crate, but he quickly learned to go to the door. I have a number of friends who also have a dog as a member of their family. I can honestly say that Rufus is the most obedient, social, friendly and playful of them all.He’s a genuinely happy dog, and I am a genuinely happy owner. So a big thank you to you and all your work for our best friends.

Kind regards,”

Ben Cox
Stavanger, Norway

Here’s Rufus At Just 11 Weeks Old

In fact, the Dog Training Inner Circle will allow you to…

  • Never have to wonder if your dog will beg when your at the dinner table.
  • Get your dog to sit politely when your friends and family come to visit.
  • Get your dog to settle, relax and behave when someone knocks on the door and comes to visit.
  • Stop your dog from stealing food off the counter forever.
  • Give your dog the command “Go lie down” and watch as your dog goes to his bed and lies down.
  • Your dog will come back to you when called – even in distracting situations.
  • Do a stay command for as long as you give the command.
  • Sit, down and stay with verbal commands or hand signals.
  • Walk politely on leash regardless of other dogs or distractions.

Isn’t that what a good behavior training program is supposed to do? Click Here to see a list of dog owners who have already benefited from training with Eric Letendre.

Remember, not all training programs are the same. From my long-time dog training experience, I’ve seen many training programs and have concluded that…

“…There Are Three Types of Training Programs, (1) Ones That Don’t Work, (2) Ones That Bring Okay Results, and (3) Those That Have the Ability to Transform Your Dog’s Behavior. Here’s How to Tell the Difference…”

The best dog training and behavior programs that have the power to transform your dog have these three characteristics:

1. It’s easy. Let’s face it, if it requires a lot of hard work, who wants to do it? You want your dog to behave but you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money to train your dog. The best training programs don’t rely on expensive training equipment and detailed instructions.

2. You get results fast. When you watch the videos, you’ll see me working and getting results within minutes, sometimes seconds. In the begging video, you’ll see how I get instant results and how I teach a dog to turn her head when I offer her a piece of food, no shouting, no harsh corrections. These are simple and easy training techniques that a five year old child could do.

3. The training program has long term results. Dogs that love to steal food off the table learn to not do it when you are there. As soon as you leave the room, your dog knows that the coast is clear and jumps up on the table. You’ll discover a unique method that will stop your dog from stealing forever.

“Clients that we have recommended to Eric Letendre have come back with nothing but great results.”

Dr. Jim Lunig, DVM
Spinnaker Veterinary Clinic

I get excited about the Dog Training Inner Circle because it is based on my M.U.T.T. Method for behavior modification. Once you learn this method you’ll be able to handle ANY behavior or obedience problem. It’s an acronym that I developed to help dog owners with behavior problems and I am going to teach it to you. Here is The M.U.T.T, Method…

M – Manage. Learn how to effectively manage your dog’s behavior.

U – Underlying. Discover how to figure out what the underlying behavior is that is causing the problem.

T – Train. Train a new behavior the quick and easy way so that you can stop putting up with annoying behaviors.

T – Time. Give the new behavior time to take effect.

And that’s exactly what the Dog Training Inner Circle will show you. It will save you time, money and a lot of headaches.

In the Dog Training Inner Circle videos, you’ll see actual demonstrations of the training methods in action. You’ll also get a step-by-step plan to follow to ensure maximum training results. It’s as if you had me in the house with you helping you train your dog.

“Which One of these Behavior Problems Would You Like to Solve In the Next Few Days?”

  • Jumping
  • Begging
  • Stealing
  • Barking
  • Digging
  • Pulling on leash
  • Not coming when called
  • Peeing and/or pooping in the house

Here are three reasons why the Dog Training Inner Circle is different than any other behavior training program that you’ve ever read, seen, or heard:

Reason #1- Most dog training programs teach you how to use a type of training equipment; choke, prong, or electronic collars to get results. The Dog Training Inner Circle is based on a proven system which does not rely on expensive equipment or difficult methods.

Reason #2– Instead of just telling you how a training system works – the Dog Training Inner Circle shows you actual videos that take you step by step through the training methods with your dog and how and why they work.

Reason #3– You won’t find a more detailed collection of different, unique, and effective training techniques anywhere, for any price. It has taken years of hands on training to boil down and compile all the techniques that you get with this program. There isn’t any other program like it.

“I thought my dog Kimmy was a candidate for canine ADHD before I met Eric. Now, she is well-behaved, obedient, and comes on command. She is also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. It is all due to the training she received with Eric.”

Sara Arruda
Veterinary Technician, Anchor Animal Hospital

“When we first got our puppy, she was out of control. Eric’s training course has helped us out tremendously, and most of all, gave us a better understanding of how our pup thinks. I was amazed that I could learn how to train my dog. Eric’s training style brings understanding our out of control puppy to the forefront. Thank you Eric!”

Paula Ferriera & Family
Fall River, MA

“Eric Letendre’s positive training course is incredible. Through the techniques that I have learned, I have achieved exactly what I wanted. I now have a dog that everyone loves and wants to be around. She is well-behaved and understands specific commands. The training is fun for the dog and practicing is all about rewards. The best thing about the course is that it works.”

Sally Schnider
Newport, RI

“Here’s Exactly What You Are Going to Receive When You Become A Member Of The Dog Training Inner Circle”

The Dog Training Inner Circle includes over 90 online video lessons. Each video lesson contains detailed explanations of different techniques to deal with common behavior problems – jumping, stealing, begging, etc.

When you play each video, all you need to do is sit back, listen and watch as you learn how to solve each problem or teach your dog a command.

You’ll also see me working with dogs that have the exact same behavior problems in real life situations. There is no theory here, it is all hands-on, actual training going on in these videos.



My Ultimate Dog Training Video Seminars...  brand new, power-packed dog training VIDEO newsletter with LIVE demonstrations of training exercises, behavior modification tips, fun aerobic and mental exercises for your dog, nutrition tips, and obedience training programs to follow…you’ll even get to eavesdrop on dogs that I’m actually training in person.

Everything is broken down for you, step-by-step, and explained in an entertaining and motivating way so that you will want to get out and train your dog.

This video can only be seen online in the Member’s area.


  • A digital copy of my dog training book, The Amazing Dog Training Man – This is a different kind of dog training book. Most dog training books are boring and follow a cookie cutter format. Pictures of how to do sit, down, stay etc. My book was written in story format that is interesting and informative. You WON’T be bored reading this book. A $14.99 value
  • Access to my Ultimate Online Dog Training Course – Complete six week course that walks you through teaching your dog obedience commands. You’ll discover the secrets to quickly and easily teach your dog Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come and Walk On Leash. A $29.99 value
  • Access to my Good K9 Manners Program – Finally put an end to all the annoying behavior problems that frustrate you. Video instructions on how to stop jumping, begging, stealing, barking and more. A $39.99 value
  • A digital copy of my Weekly Dog Training Guide – I know you’re all excited to start training. You watched the videos and are ready to go…but you don’t know where to start. This is where the Dog Training Inner Circle training guide comes in.The training guide will help you along every step of the way. You’ll be able to identify your biggest problems and how to tackle them. This is a unique guide that I normally only use when I am working privately with a client. A $9.99 value
  • A digital copy of my Holiday Safety Guide – In the Dog Training Inner Circle I’ve included my Holiday Safety Guide. The guide shares the tips that I have been recommending to my clients for years. Around the holidays, there are many different ways for your dog to get sick or injured. This handy little guide will point out what you need to look out for and the steps to take to make sure everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. A $9.99 value
  • A digital copy of my guide to Reduce Shedding in 3-5 Days – Do you know the biggest complaint among dog owners? It’s simple: SHEDDING! I wrote this report five years ago and it has become very popular. Groomers all over the country use this very same report in their businesses. The report shows you eight simple steps that you can follow to reduce loose fur all over your house. A $9.99 value

All Six Products Shown Below Are FREE With Your Membership In The Amazing Dog Training Man’s Inner Circle!

Amazing Dog Training Man BookOnline Dog Training CourseGood K9 Manners Program


Weekly Training GuideHow To Reduce Shedding GuideHoliday Safety Guide


These six gifts are worth nearly $130.00.

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“What Would A Well-Behaved Dog Be Worth To You?”

  • Has your dog ever destroyed something?
  • Has your dog ever stolen food off the counter?
  • Have you ever been angry when your dog jumped on a guest?

Suppose by this time next week your dog no longer stole food off the counter, no longer jumped on your guests, no longer chewed up your house. How much would that be worth to you?

What if your dog stopped stealing food off the counter and you didn’t have to worry about your dog stealing the T-bone steak off the grill? What if your dog stopped chewing and destroying your furniture? Would that save you $20, $30, $50, maybe over $100?

That’s why I’ve priced this program for an introductory price of only $1 and then $9/month for as long as you’d like to remain a member.

If your dog stops chewing on the furniture and you don’t lose the steak off the grill…this program will have completely paid for itself. In other words…it will be free!

Let’s do a quick recap:

As a member of the Dog Training Inner Circle you’ll get six FREE gifts, including my book, The Amazing Dog Training Man, as well as my VIDEO seminar series… and ALL of it is included when you’re a member.

You’ll also get total access to my article and video archive. There are dog training articles and videos here that you won’t find anywhere else on the web…and I am constantly adding new, great dog training information weekly. That’s hundreds…soon to be thousands…of helpful dog training mini-lessons and insights available at your fingertips.

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After 25 years of helping train thousands of dogs, I can confidently say with 100% assurance that the Dog Training Inner Circle is the most powerful training program you will ever invest in… bar none.

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