Not too long ago I was working with a dog and her owner this when the 3rd biggest dog training mistake reared it’s ugly head.

During the training session, I quickly observed a big problem between the owner and her dog.

It was the second time meeting with and I knew what she was going to ask me.

You see, we were outside and her dog was not listening to her. Her dog was grabbing the leash, not coming back to her when she called and could care less when she said "Stay."

About 20 minutes into the session she turned to me and said: "My dog listens to you but she won’t listen to me. How can I get her to listen to me?"

Instead of telling her how to fix the problem I asked her some questions. I asked her:

"Do you have your dog do a sit stay for meals?"


"Do you let your dog win tug games?"


"Do you ever chase you dog around the house?"


"Do you ever tell your dog to get off the couch?"


I thanked her for being honest, and then I told her what the problem was.


Her dog did not look to her as the leader, and when this happens, your dog will not respond to you the way you want him to.

It really is easy to teach your dog that you are the leader. All you need to do is control the food, games, sleeping areas and social contact.

The next time your dog is not listening to you, stop and evaluate your relationship with your dog.

Are there steps you could take to become a stronger leader. You’ll see big changes in your dog’s behavior.

Good Luck!

All the best,


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