One of the funniest moments in my life, a time that I literally fell on the ground laughing my head off, happened one hot summer day on a dairy farm in Maine when I was about ten years old.

My mom is from Maine and we were waaaay up north by the Canadian border visiting some of our cousins.

My brother and I were walking around the farm when he felt the urge.

He asked me where he could pee and I said anywhere you want.

I don’t think there was another house or person for miles around. My brother, not being familiar with farms, did not know that the little wire that kept all the cows in the pasture was electrified.

He looked around, unzipped his fly and let it rip.

He didn’t get very far into the process before he let out a hollar that got the attention of the quietly grazing cows.

When I realized what happened I started laughing until the tears were rolling down my eyes. I still laugh about it to this day when I think about it.

My brother learned a very valuable lesson that day.

He learned to NEVER pee around the electric wire that keeps the cows in. I would venture to say that he didn’t even pee around cows for a good ten years.

Anyway, for a long time I have taught that when a dog pees on the carpet it is NOT a housetraining or behavior problem.

There is nothing more natural and normal than a dog peeing or pooping.

It is a location problem.

Your dog simply needs to learn that peeing in the house is unacceptable – outside is acceptable and…

…it is easier to do when you know what steps to take and that is why I created the Housetraining Handbook.

The Housetraining Handbook is included with the Dog Training Inner Circle and you can get all the details here: Dog Training Inner Circle

All the best,


P.S. Be careful peeing around cow pastures.

P.P.S. If you need help housetraining your dog check out: Dog Training Inner Circle