Twitter seems to be everywhere. Movie starts, politicians, sports stars, rock stars, even the NFL uses Twitter. The New York Times even calls this the first official Twitter Christmas.

How can a website that only allows you to use 140 characters become so popular?

I guess people find it interesting, educational and most of all – entertaining. When I first heard about Twitter I didn’t think it would last.

Only being allowed to type 140 characters did not seem groundbreaking and like most people I thought “Who cares”

…until I started to mess around with Twitter.

How I Changed My Mind

Every day I get emails and phone calls from people that need help training their dogs. Often, they are confused and frustrated with their dog training efforts. They want to do the best for their dog but there is so much conflicting information that they feel like giving up.

I often inform them to go to my YouTube channel or check out my articles on and urge them to watch or read the material that I have on those websites. The problem is that most people, including me, want help fast when they need it.

A Solution For The Problem

After a lot of thought I came to the decision that the world needs a dog training seminar that tells you everything you need to know about dog training in 140 characters or less.

Boy was I surprised when I was able to create one.

No fluff, no waste, nothing that doesn’t work – just the advice you need to train your dog.

I Know, You Think I’m Nuts

You may think that I’m nuts and can’t possibly be serious about what I’m saying. After 20+ years of training dogs I know that this information is valuable enough to pass along to anyone that needs dog training help.

So where is this seminar in a tweet?

On Twitter, of course.


P.S. Don’t forget to follow me when you get there.