Yes, today I am miserable.

Life is good, no problems with the wife, dog is healthy, business is good, family is safe.

So why an I miserable?

Well my dog loving friend, it all has to do with a weed whacker and a BIG patch of poison ivy that I did not see.

I sit here with it on my face, legs, arms and back.


…that is NOT going to stop me from helping you solve your dog training and behavior problems, so let’s mush on!

Many dog owners wonder about being the “alpha” or the “pack leader.”

Dogs are extremely social animals, and it is the reason why we need to establish some order. Your dog can develop big problems if you are not seen as the one in charge.

Aggression, destructive behavior, housetraining, barking, jumping and chewing are just a few of the behaviors that can develop when the owner is not the pack leader.

Why would a dog develop some of these behaviors, you ask?

I can answer that question with one word:


It is kind of like a kid in the house. Kids that grow up in houses with strong parental guidance tend to be more stable adults. The guidance has to be fair and consistent and it is the same with dogs. A strong leader does not hit, scream, yell or threaten.

Dog trainers used to teach dog owners to be tough with their dogs and to hit, scold, scruff shake and do alpha roll-overs.

Not good, because when you use aggression it is just a matter of time before your dog will get aggressive with you.

Being a strong leader is simple.

Instead of using force, you control the activites that are important to your dog. You control:

Sleeping areas
Social contact

I can take just about any dog and within about a week, I can teach the dog that I am the one in charge without ever touching the dog.

If you’d like to learn more about teaching your dog that you’re the pack leader check out this DVD:

Amazing Dog Training Man DVD

All the best,