What a week for your friend, The Amazing Dog Training Man.

Last Wednesday a couple of tornados touched down in the Springfield, MA area. One of them was just four miles from my house.

Amazing what Mother Nature can do when she gets angry.

I was very lucky and none of my friends or family were harmed.

Anyway, if a tornado was not enough, I was outsidelast night cooking some chicken on the grill for me and the missus when a BEAR pops out of the woods in the back yard and stands there looking at me.

This is the first and only bear I have ever seen without a large, strong fence between us.

I grew up in a crowded suburb outside of Hartford, CT and we did not have any bears, foxes, woodchucks, or even domestic animals like cows and horses.

It was pretty cool standing there about 200 feet away looking at him or her. He stood there for about two minutes and then sniffed the air and disappeared.

All of this got me thinking about our dogs. This is the time of the year when stress can effect our dogs.

Between the heat, storms, fireworks, bears, your dog can get stressed and the stress can lead to…


So I want to share a few tips to help you eliminate all the fur you may find around the house.

Shedding Tip#1: Keep a lint roller close by. We use the lint roller to keep the hair off our clothes, you can also use it on your dog. You’ll be amazed how much hair it pulls off your dog.

Shedding Tip#2: Supplement your dog’s food. A little olive oil or cod liver oil can really help your dog’s skin and coat.

Shedding Tip#3: Diet. What you feed your dog will have a direct result on how much your dog sheds. In my guide, “How To Reduce Your Dog’s Shedding In 3 To 5 Days,” I explain which foods are best for your dog and which ones to avoid.

The guide is included with The Dog Training Inner Circle. You can get all the details here: Dog Training Inner Circle