“Talk To Me Goose”

Quick – what’s one of the all time greatest movies ever made? If you answered Top Gun you are correct. I haven’t met anyone yet that has not loved that movie. I’m sure there are some that don’t but...
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What Dog Trainers WON'T Tell You

The secret that I’m going to discuss in this email really is a secret that has never been revealed to the best of my knowledge. It has nothing to do with crates, leashes, collars, treats, clickers or anything else...
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How To Win Friends And Influence Dogs

Read an article yesterday about aggressive dogs. The article stated that disagreeable people prefer aggressive dogs. It has been my experience that aggressive people tend to own aggressive dogs. NOT all aggressive dogs belong to angry people, but the...
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Dog Training: When It Goes Wrong

Had an interesting conversation yesterday. I was talking about training with my friend and fellow dog trainer, Jim Helems, on our radio show. The topic of training styles came up and we were talking about electronic collars, prong collars...
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