Today I’d like to share an easy way to deal with behavior problems.

It’s very simple advice but about 80% of the dogs I’ve seen need more of this.

But first…a story.

I once got a call to work with a lady that had a border collie with a chewing problem.

She said the chewing was a big problem and it was costing her money and asked if I could set up an appointment quickly.

Sure, I know how it is. You come home and find your shoes chewed up, it can get annoying.

I had no idea how bad this dog’s chewing problem was.

You see, this dog didn’t have a chewing problem. This dog had a destruction problem.

When I arrived at the house, the nice lady showed me around her apartment. She then took me into one room where her dog had actually chewed a hole in the wall and went into the neighbor’s apartment and chewed their stuff.

Expensive? No kidding.

Come to find out her border collie was spending long hours alone and was getting very little exercise.

Most of my advice was focused on one thing – EXERCISE.

Whenever your dog is having a behavior problem, the first place to start is with more exercise. Dogs get bored.

As a dog owner, we need to help our dogs get enough exercise. Then we start a behavior program.

Then you start taking steps to teach new behaviors.

If you need help with certain behaviors for your dog, head on over to The Dog Training Inner Circle which is chock full of videos, articles and a forum where you can ask me any of your dog training questions.

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