Interesting response to yesterday’s email.

Here are few of the messages I received after yesterday’s highly entertaining, informational and interesting email:


“You do know that grapes are toxic for dogs.”

“”I thought grapes are not safe for dogs.”

“Dogs are NOT supposed to eat grapes.!”

“Hey stupid, grapes give dogs kidney disease.”

Some people can be so touchy. Luckily, I am an optimistic person and will take some of the blame for the misunderstanding.

In case you missed yesterday’s highly entertaining, informational and interesting email here is what I said:


“Little Scarlett has been a little cranky lately.

And I think I know why.

Within the last few days her little teeth have been coming in and I think that is the reason.

We went to my sister’s house last night for dinner and all she was interested in eating were frozen grapes.”


Here is where I will take partial blame…..

…..Scarlett is NOT a dog. Scarlett is my human daughter and everything I’ve ever read has said that grapes and fruit are good for children.

Now – I said I would take part of the blame because I should have made it clear that she was my daughter.

My regular readers like Marie know Scarlett is my daughter because she tunes in everyday. Here is the nice comment she wrote:

You did it again! You are insane!!! Loved, loved, loved today’s email about Scarlett teething…. Only you could think of using a child in a dog training lesson.

So dear reader, it is up to you to make sure you open each and every email and read the amazing tips and secrets that I share with you.

Otherwise (GASP!) you may miss something and write me a nasty email without knowing the full story.

So, now that we have that cleared up and we all know that grapes are bad for dogs, I’d like to share what is great for dogs and it is:

Laurel Mountain Gift Baskets!

Remember the nice email from Marie? Well she runs Laurel Mountain Gift Baskets and she is a certified dog lover.

She has all kinds of great stuff for dogs and you can check it out here:

Laurel Mountain Gift Baskets

Her dog, Zeva, is the director of shipping and has a lot of good stuff to say on her blog. Go ahead and check it out.

Sincerely – your friendly neighborhood dog trainer,