Wow, when I talked about Back To School for your dog I never thought I would hear about a dog getting a degree from college.

Here is the story:

Ada, Ohio (AP) – A well-trained golden retriever will receive a bachelor’s degree from Ohio Northern University today along with the rest of the graduating class. Zeeke, a 1-year-old dog, will earn his bachelor’s of science degree in canine companionship.

The canine has spent thousands of hours training as a Canine Companion dog as part of a senior’s honors project. ONU President, Kendall Baker, said he believes this is the first time the university has ever awarded a diploma to an animal.

In any event…

I’m sure most of you aren’t looking to get a college degree for your dog. You probably want your dog to walk on leash without pulling, to stop jumping and come back when called.

Am I right so far?

That’s why now is the best time for you to take advantage of my "Back To School" special. The Back To School special includes some of my most valuable lessons that I have taught over the past 15+ years to thousands of dog owners.

You get…

  • DVD – Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer
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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to train your dog in only 10 minutes a day
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  • What your dog needs to do before you give any command
  • Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks
  • Exposed! The 5 biggest dog training myths and why you should avoid them
  • What "Successive Approximation" is and why you need to know it
  • Mother Nature’s recipe for punishment – why 95% of the population uses punishment the wrong way
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  • And much more…

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