Was doing a seminar last night at the local animal shelter.

I had about 30 people show up and always have a lot of fun holding these seminars. I delivered a highly informational, useful and incredibly entertaining talk. Everyone in attendance was dazzled and thrilled with the information that I imparted.

Well, maybe it didn’t exactly happen like that but I think everyone had fun and learned a few things along the way.

My favorite part is when we do Q & A. I am always amazed with the long list of “DON’TS” dog owners are told.

DON’T let your dog sleep on the bed.

DON’T ever play tug games with your dog.

DON’T ever let your dog out the door before you.

DON’T ever feed “people food.”

DON’T ever walk your dog without a choke collar.

DON’T ever use treats to train your dog.

I feel bad for many of these dog owners because they are trying to do the best for their dog but some authority has given this list of don’ts and they try their best to follow them. I have no idea why having a dog and dog training has to be all business and serious. Having a dog is not about restriction, it is about control so that you can have a harmonious relationship.

You can let your dog sleep on your bed if your dog understands that you control the sleeping areas. You can play tug games as long as you win the game. You can feed people food as long as it is healthy and not training your dog to beg. You can teach your dog to walk without a choke collar (just did it yesterday with a Great Dane).

And treats are one of the fastest, bestest ways to teach your dog to do just about anything but it is important to know the difference between bribes and rewards.

And some of the best advice I could ever give is to RELAX AND HAVE FUN!

Anyway, I share a lot of info on how I train dogs on my YouTube page. You can see the videos by going here NEXT:

Amazing Dog Training Man’s YouTube Page