Drunk Fisherman Teaches Me About Dog Training

I did something Friday night that I rarely do.

Something I am really bad at.

I went fishing with my good friend, Geoff, and my wife, Rachael.

We had a great time and I actually caught a fish.

Anyway, I shared with Rach a favorite story of mine that I used to tell when teaching group obedience classes.

Here’s the story:

“A man went fishing one day. He looked over the side of his boat and saw a snake with a frog in its mouth. Feeling sorry for the frog, he reached down, gently took the frog from the snake, and set the frog free.

But then he felt sorry for the snake. He looked around the boat, but he had no food. All he had was a bottle of bourbon. So he opened the bottle and gave the snake a few shots.

The snake went off happy, the frog was happy, and the man was happy to have performed such good deeds. He thought everything was great until about ten minutes passed and he heard something knock against the side of the boat.

With stunned disbelief, the fisherman looked down and saw the snake was back with two frogs!”

Moral of the story – what gets rewarded gets repeated.

I really like this story because there is a good moral to the story BUT…

…there is also a HIDDEN moral to the story.

The hidden moral is: “UNINTENTIONAL Reinforcement.”

Which is very important to understand when you train your dog.

Many common behavior problems are rewarded unintentionally by the owners.

Jumping is one of the TOP 3 behavior problems.

Most dog owners want their dogs to stop jumping and discourage it but the behavior seems to get worse.

Unintentional reinforcement is in full swing.

Once you are aware of unintentional reinforcement and know what to do you can get much better results and prevent many common behavior problems from becoming full blown headaches.

In the Good K9 Manners course, I reveal how I easily STOP jumping within 5 to 10 minutes and how to stop begging, stealing, barking and more.

Best of all…

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