I’ve always loved dogs.

But, I did learn that there is one big perk to being a guy and having a dog.

Especially walking through a park.

The perk?

Women come up and talk to you.

I’ve met so many friends and my wife because of dogs.

So in my younger days, I also found out that if your dog did a few tricks everyone was amazed.

I liked that.

So I taught my sheltie, Sam, a trick that amazed everyone. The trick was getting a tissue from a box when I sneezed.  I loved watching people’s faces when I did this trick.

Anyway, teaching dog tricks is a great activity to do with your dog.

The best part is that tricks are easy to teach, you bond with your dog, you get better as a trainer and everyone loves seeing dogs do tricks.

And that is why I included The Fun Dog Tricks Program with The Dog Training Inner Circle. You get step by step videos showing you how to do basic, intermediate and advanced tricks.

You can start teaching your dog tricks today.

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