Last night I picked up a book that I read about ten years ago. The author is one of my favorites, he’s the kind of rare writer that will have you laughing your head off on one page and on the next have a tough guy like me almost in tears.

The author’s name: James Herriot. His real name was James Alfred Wright, and he wrote about his experiences as a country vet in England.

It’s been a while since I’ve read any of his stuff but I was glad I picked up his book and started reading. He writes about cases involving horses, cows, sheep, cats, and of course my favorite stories are about the dogs.

The stories he writes about a Pekingese named Tricki Woo are laugh out loud funny and the best one is when Tricki’s mistress explains how Tricki goes “crackerdog.”

Mr. Herriot was not only a great writer but also a great vet because his advice for Tricki’s crackerdog episodes were right on the money.

You see, Tricki’s owner, Mrs. Pumphrey, explained it to Mr. Herriot: “Well, he was playing his game, and he does adore it so, when suddenly without warning, he went crackerdog. He began to run around in circles, barking and yelping in such a strange way. Then he fell over and lay like a little dead thing.”

Mr. Herriot explained it as Hysteria, brought on by wrong feeding. His remedy for Tricki Woo was a proper diet.

Mr. Herroit makes such a great point. I have seen a lot of dogs that suffered from behavior problems because of the food that was being fed.

My sheltie Sammi lived to be 18 years old. It had a lot to do with her diet.

I started researching dog food about ten years ago and discovered that it makes a huge difference, not only in your dog’s health but also in your dog’s behavior.

Coming up in next month’s updates in the Dog Training Inner
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P.S. If you’ve never read any of James Herriot’s books, log onto, go to the library, used book store, Barnes & Noble, whatever you have to do to get your hands on his books – they’re that good.