I think I may be losing it.

Woke up this morning and the first thing I heard:

“Snow storm rolling in this Thursday night into Friday.”


I know Spring is not that far off and the best time to be out with your dog is Spring. Walking, hiking, obedience, and teaching dog tricks are some of the funnest things to do when it’s nice outside.

I am NOT going to let a little snow get me down and told Rach that I am going to do something off the wall, something to get everyone excited to work with their dogs. When I told her she said I was nuts but I don’t care, I am doing it anyway.

What crazy thing an I doing?

Here it is:

Anyone that signs up for The Dog Training Inner Circle will get the Fun Dog Tricks course absolutely FREE!

That’s a $37.00 gift from your buddy, The Amazing Dog Training Man.

Let’s focus on having some fun regardless of the weather.

So truck on over to The Dog Training Inner Circle and get your Fun Dog Tricks course as soon as you

This won’t last long. Who knows, the storm may pass and I may come to my senses.

Dog Training Inner Circle

All the best,