So my sister Steph is always off doing some type of seminar or workshop.

And this past weekend she was telling me about the seminar she went to on Saturday. She told me that at one point during the seminar they had to break an arrow with their throats. One side of the arrow was placed against the wall and the point was placed on the person’s throat.

They had to push the arrow with their throat until it broke.

My sister said that you feel a lot of fear while you are waiting to bust an arrow with one of your body’s vital areas. She added that one person was really afraid and crying.

Steph stepped up to the plate and busted the arrow into four pieces.

Fear is a very strong emotion and overrides all other feelings. I am sure everyone waiting to bust an arrow on their throats was not thinking about food, making phone calls or checking Facebook. Fear cancels out rational thinking and can be EXTREMELY difficult to overcome.

I know because I deal with it all the time. The number of dogs that have fear issues is staggering. The problem with fear in dogs is that it often leads to aggression. The root cause of much of the fear we see in dogs can be directly linked back to how the dog was raised and trained. Conventional wisdom informs puppy owners to keep the puppy in the house and away from other dogs and puppies. Then puppy owners are advised to push the puppies nose into its own urine and feces when they go in the house.

The puppy is then scruff shaked, alpha rolled and smacked with newspapers.

A choke chain is then slid around the puppy’s neck and a non-stop yankfest starts. The puppy is yanked for pulled, for not sitting, for moving when told to stay and if the choke does not work, the prong collar is issued. Some of these puppies will get an electronic collar wrapped around their necks and will get zapped for jumping or any other infraction deemed unacceptable.

The first year of the puppy’s life can be a total S#!+ Show.

The dog becomes fearful and aggressive and we wonder why.

I don’t wonder – I know why.

On the other hand, you can follow The Amazing Dog Training Man’s way.

Early socialization, good management, physical and mental exercise, leadership, and using positive consequences to teach your dog obedience. Develop a relationship based on trust and understanding.

Oh yeah and mixed in with all the above a big dose of (GASP)……..


Yeah I said it – FUN!

Training can and SHOULD be fun.

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