Pop quiz:

What gets more searches on Google?

a) Sochi Olympics
b) Valentines Day
c) An eyeball
d) The Walking Dead

What’s your answer?

Did you choose Sochi? The Walking Dead?


Right now, Bob Costa’s eyeball is getting more searches than any of the above.

Bob has an eye infection and on Feb10 it was the number one trending topic on Google.

Interesting how this is getting so much attention AND this story is good to remember when it comes to your dog.


Because many of the behavior problems that we see with dogs are rooted in a physical problem. I heard Bob got a little testy about all the attention his eye was getting and this is understandable because it is probably uncomfortable.

A dog that is suffering from a physical problem will develop behavior problems and NO amount of behavior work will overcome it.

A dog that has hip problems, digestive issues, a sore tooth or whatever will be grouchy and could become aggressive.

So whenever I have worked with dogs that have behavior problems, the first step is to rule out any physical problems by seeing your vet.

The next step is to work on the behaviors and one of the best places to do this is right over at the brand new Good K9 Manners Program.

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