I was hot.

Real hot. Just standing outside in yesterday’s heat was enough to make anyone feel like they were running in a marathon.

Yesterday I was at a memorial service for Rachael’s aunt and many of her family members were there.

Sad to see her uncle miss his wife so much.

Got me thinking about husbands and wives and how I often get in the middle which always makes me VERY nervous.

I’ll show up at a client’s house and immediately the husband will say to me, “How can I get my dog to listen to my wife?’

Sometimes its the other way around.

Anyway I am going to share with you the simplest way to get a dog to listen to anyone. Husband, wife, child, elderly family member, doesn’t matter.

Would you like to know how it is done?


All you need is a small plastic box and some treats.

The plastic box can be purchased at just about any pet store or online. It’s also known as a clicker.

Clickers can help you train any dog. If you are having problems training your dog, start using a clicker and you’ll be AMAZED at the response you get from your dog.

See, a clicker works purely on the principles of behavior. Birds, dolphins, Killer Whales, chickens, and many other animals are trained using clickers.

Once you start training using a clicker, you can train your dog to do just about anything.

Do this right and dog training becomes a piece of cake.

You can get more information about clicker training on The Dog Training Inner Circle.

All you need to do is go here:

Dog Training Inner Circle