The subject of Miley Cyrus makes me smile.

Many of my friends can’t stand her and think a lot of what she does is just low-class and are outraged by her behavior and would never allow their kids to go see one of her concerts.

They really don’t like how she recently spanked a backup dancer on stage, smooched Katy Perry and used a giant replica of her tongue to slide on stage.

I smile because I know why she is doing this.

You see, Miley does all of these outrageous behaviors for one reason:


Miley Cyrus is reported on, gets more tweets, pictures, Facebook post, newspaper stories and media coverage than all of her fellow singers combined.

And that is what you need to remember when you are training your dog to walk on leash.

Remember yesterday’s post on control? (If you missed it you can read it on my blog.)

When it comes to leash walking, the first step is to get your dog under control.

The next step is to get your dog’s attention.

You need to get attention any time you are doing obedience.

Most of the time we are trying to get the dog to perform a command before we get attention.

The best way to get attention is to say your dog’s name and then reward. Keep repeating until your dog looks at you when you say his name.

So the first two steps are control and attention. Once you have established that, you can start walking with your dog and I’ll share how to do that tomorrow or you can jump to the front of the class and become a member of The Dog Training Inner Circle.

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