Funny how some people think.

I had some friends that got a new springer puppy.

The husband flat out refused to take their puppy to training. He told his wife that he did not need any help training his dog.

Their springer’s behavior got worse as the days and weeks went on and he still refused to get any training.

The puppy ruined their carpet, developed a serious jumping problem, and stole everything within reach.

Then one day it all changed.

I got a phone call asking me when could I come over and do some training.

You see, everything was fine UNTIL his TV remote was chewed to bits by his dog.

That was the game changer.

I thought it was funny how my friend would put up with just about any behavior until his TV remote was destroyed.

Anyway, one of the best ways to deal with behavior problems is to never let them start.

For example, if you never start smoking you never have to worry about quitting.

If my friend had started right away teaching his pup what was he was and was not allowed to chew on, it would have been much easier for him and his pup.

If your dog has developed problems that you don’t like (jumping, chewing, barking, digging, etc.) you can still teach your dog to STOP doing these behaviors.

That’s where the Good K9 Manners program comes in.

The website shows you exactly how to STOP behaviors you don’t like and how to apply each training session to get the results you are looking for.

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