I’m sure if I was to take a poll, I think jumping would be the biggest problem for dog owners.

Here’s a little dog training nugget none of the TV “expurts” will share with you.

Usually, jumping is the result of your friend’s and family’s actions. There is a simple two-step process you can follow to overcome this problem.

Most dog owners that I work with try really hard to stop their dogs from jumping. It’s when their friends and family come over and encourage the dog to jump that the dog learns to greet this way.

If you want to stop your dog from jumping you often have to train your friends and family.

NOT an easy thing to do.

STEP ONE: As much as I have tried and asked my friends to not let my dog jump on them, they always reply the same way:

“Aww it’s cool, I don’t mind your dog jumping up on me. C’mon boy,” as they pat their chest and pet my dog when his paws hit his chest.

The only effective way I have learned to train my friends is to use a little physiology.

With my German Shepherd I used to say: “I’d appreciate it if you don’t let my dog jump on you. German Shepherds are susceptible to hip problems and jumping up like that could aggravate the problem.”

Instant, immediate cooperation, every time!

Notice I said German Shepherds are susceptible to this.

It’s true, German Shepherds are prone to have hip problems. So are a lot of other breeds..

That’s STEP ONE of the process.

STEP TWO is teaching your dog to greet properly, to calm down when a guest comes over and to greet with all four paws on el suelo (which means the floor. A little Spanish lingo for ya).

There are different ways to teach this and I show four different ways to do it in The Good K9 Manners course.

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