You all know that I am a HUGE Patriots fan.

I know this will rile up a few readers but Tom Brady is awesome.

Before you trash me and this email, listen for a moment.

The best time to listen to Tom Brady is after he LOST a game.

He doesn’t blame the ref, his team mates, the coach, the weather or anything else.

He takes full responsibility.

Very admirable – especially in today’s society where everyone is quick to blame everything and anyone for their problems.

Funny thing, most people come to me with their dogs focused only on the dog’s problems.

My dog jumps, chews, pees on the carpet, bites, fill in the blank. The key to solving any problem is to stay focused on the solution.

Not fake, false optimism. Develop a plan to solve the problem and then get busy.

As a loyal reader of this highly entertaining, action packed, fun filled daily newsletter, I am going to share the plan for solving any behavior problem your dog may have.

All you need to remember is M.U.T.T.

I developed the M.U.T.T. Method as a simple plan anyone can follow to stay focused on the solution.

Here’s how it works:

M – Manage. The first step is to manage the behavior. A dog that is showing aggression towards other dogs would have to be managed. Zero access or a leash and possibly a muzzle if the dog is going to be around other dogs.

This will NOT solve the problem but it will help manage it.

U – Underlying. What is the underlying reason for the behavior? Every behavior has a reason. The aggressive dog above may have been attacked by another dog, the dog may be undersocialized, etc.

Once we know the underlying reason we can start helping the dog.

T – Train. Train a new behavior. This is where you may need some help.

T – Time. Training new behaviors will take some time. You need to remember this when it seems like you are not getting results. Give it some time.

So the next time you’re faced with a behavior problem use the M.U.T.T. Method to get to the solution.

I cover the M.U.T.T. Method in more detail on the Good K9 Manners site. If you need more help with jumping, chewing, stealing or any other behavior problem head on over to:

Good K9 Manners