I was a private investigator in my younger years.

For a couple of years, I worked undercover at different companies and I would follow people that were cashing in on insurance policies to make sure they were legit.

I was thinking about this yesterday as I was reading an article about a club at Boston University that gets together to watch people. The club’s mantra: ”We’re not creepy, we’re just interested.”

A long time ago a dog trainer that I greatly respect told me that I could learn more about dogs by just watching them than by reading all the books in the library.

The funny thing is that I love watching dogs. I especially love watching a group of puppies interact and have learned a great deal by doing just that.

Maybe I should start a dog watching club?

Anyway, it is some of the best advice that I can give to you. Much of the information presented to dog owners is very confusing.

Dog trainers all seem to have their opinions on the best way to train. For example: A certain group of individuals with some very popular books have recommended the “Alpha Rollover” for years.

They have advised dog owners to flip their dogs on their backs and pin them there whenever they misbehave, backing up this advice with the observation that that is what dogs do to each other.

My robed friends need to observe dogs a little more closely.

You see, dogs do NOT force other dogs onto their backs, a dog will voluntarily roll over to show submission but it is NEVER forced.

I think this advice has become very popular because the ultimate question for many dog owners is:

“What do I do when my dog does_______________?”

Dog owners want to know what to do when their dogs misbehave which is a totally understandable question.

How do you stop jumping, biting, stealing, barking, digging?

The answer is simple my friend. It is all about consequences.

When your dog does something you do NOT like you apply a negative consequence, but here’s the rub.

The negative consequence cannot be associated with you.

It’s really not difficult and The Good K9 Manners course will help you solve your dog’s biggest behavior problems.

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