How To Prevent A Dangerous Canine Microburst

How To Prevent A Dangerous Canine Microburst


Are you familiar with the term, “Microburst?”

A microburst is like a small 60 to 90 second hurricane that comes out of nowhere.

No warning, no time to react, you pretty much are in the middle of a terrible storm and have no idea where it came from or why it happened.

I was in the middle of one years back the day of my brother’s wedding. He was getting married outside in my parent’s backyard. Out of nowhere, the microburst hit and within seconds everything was destroyed.

The tent was ripped out of the ground. Tables were everywhere, the cook’s arm was broken by a falling branch – it was chaos.

A dog is capable of having a microburst and it is not pretty.

For a few weeks now I have been telling you how dangerous choke and prong collars can be, especially if you are trying to “correct” the dog.

Some dogs are nervous around people and other dogs they do not know. I know how they feel, being a situational introvert, I get a little uncomfortable walking into a room full of strangers.

A dog that is fearful will revert back to basic emotions and if on leash, the ability to run away is NOT an option. The dog will take steps to defend himself.

The first step in defending yourself is a verbal warning.

The dog will growl at another dog or person saying: “Listen pal, I don’t know who you are or what you’re going to do, so back off. This is a warning!!!!”

The growl is good. We know the dog is nervous. We can work with a growl.

We CAN’T work with a microburst!

A microburst happens when some bonehead puts a prong collar on the dog and instructs the owner to give a harsh “correction” when the dog growls.

The correction will only teach the dog to mask his true feelings, to STOP giving a warning. This is when the dog becomes dangerous.

The dog will now go from looking like a polite dog to full on rage. It looks like it comes out of nowhere. I guarantee you everyone that observes one will say:

“Where did that come from?” “Why did that dog do that?”

I’ve seen real life weather microbursts and I’ve seen my share of canine microbursts. I can’t do anything about the weather but I can help dogs that are nervous on leash.

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