“Are some dogs un-trainable?”

That is a common question that I get. Some people really believe that their dog is un-trainable.

I have never come across a dog that was un-trainable.

I have come across plenty of dogs that were very difficult to train but not un-trainable.

I am going to share a big secret with you if you are having a difficult time training your dog.

You see, in most cases if the dog is really giving the owner a hard time, I can bet you that it is NOT a training problem.

It is probably an EXERCISE problem.

I know when I was in school I had a very difficult time in class because I wanted to move. Still happens to this day.

My wife bought me a DVD on yoga and I can’t stand it. Moves way too slow for me.

Anyway, many obedience and behavior problems can be solved with a good dose of exercise on a regular basis – key word regular.

Once your dog’s energy needs are taken care of, obedience and behavior problems are much easier to deal with.

BUT – all the exercise in the world won’t stop a dog from stealing food off the counter, stop jumping on everyone that walks through the door, stop begging at the dinner table.

If your dog is stealing, begging, jumping, or barking and nothing has worked so far, head on over to the Good K9 Manners course and END these annoying behaviors today:

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All the best,