Remember that commercial “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

That commercial was around for years because it addressed a very real fear. If you were elderly or cared for an elderly person this was a big concern.

The thought of lying there with no help in sight is very frightening.

This happens with leash walking. The thought of your dog dragging you down the street and possibly falling down and not being able to handle your dog is frightening.

It’s the main reason some dogs don’t go for walks. Just last week I was working with a client who has a dog with major anxiety problems.

One solution is some physical AND mental stimulation by going for walks. This dog does not get out much because he is an absolute disaster on leash.

A few minutes with this dog and I completely understood why she doesn’t go for walks.

On the other hand, just last week Sarah P. posted that she doesn’t have to go to the chiropractor after walking her dog Stewie.

She also said: “Stewie and I are super happy after our first ever loose leash walk! After over three years of 95lbs Stewie pulling everywhere.”

And another comment from Donna M.

“Hey Eric, I walked Boston around the block by myself without incident tonight,and we came across another dog, Boston did well and so did I lol ……thanks.. Donna”

So if you’ve ever heard a little voice saying, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” before a walk now is the time to check out The Leash Walking Secrets Course.

It’s a step by step system with videos.

You get instant access so you can start training today.

I have no shoes on.

And, And, And……

……it’s (GASP) Fun!

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