Did you know that one of the biggest problems for dog owners is leash walking?  Every week I get a call from someone complaining about the way their dog pulls.

It can actually be dangerous for you to walk your dog if he is a really bad puller.  I’ve seen people dragged down and hurt by how hard their dog pulls.

I’m going to share with you here some valuable tips on leash walking.  Here they are:

Tip #1: Never try to walk a dog that has been cooped up all day.

If your dog has been lying around waiting for you, let him burn off some of his energy before you take him for a walk.  Throw a ball, play tug-o-war, or do something to calm him down before the walk.

Tip #2: Use a gentle leader.

One of the best collars on the market is the gentle leader head collar.  It works by controlling your dog’s head. When you control the head you can control the body, much the same as a horse bridle is used.  They really are great collars.

Tip #3: Teach him where you want him to be.

Your dog does not know that he is supposed to be walking on your side.  Spend some time using a lure.  Put a little piece of food in your left hand and hold it close to your dog’s nose.  Have him follow the lure, reward him every five or six feet.  As he gets better, go for longer and longer periods.

Tip #4: Don’t let your dog’s opposition reflex kick in.

When you apply pressure, your dog will resist with counter-pressure.  If you pull back on the leash, he will resist and pull harder…opposition reflex.

The secret to leash walking is always keeping the leash loose. Don’t allow the leash to become tight.