Who is more popular than The Dog Whisperer? You know, the guy that has the popular show on the National Geographic channel.

Would it be Victoria Stillwell from "It’s Me Or The Dog?"

Uncle Matty from the PBS specials that ran for years?

Dr. Ian Dunbar, the great trainer who introduced the world to positive training?


Little ole me, The Amazing Dog Training Man?

Well, my dog loving friend, if you guessed The Amazing Dog Training Man you are 100%, absolutely correct.

When it comes to YouTube, I’m the undisputed champ. Last night I checked the numbers and we have over 2,218,442 views of our videos.

YouTube screen shot



Hot dog! Maybe I’ll get my own TV show.

Thanks for all the great comments that many of you have sent to me. I’m glad to have helped so many of you.

Anyway, here is one of my most popular videos.

All the best,


Dog Training Inner Circle