I’m starting to get excited.

Real excited.

I checked the weather and in the next few days we should reach 50 degrees – WHOO HOO!

Sorry, but this has been a long, cold winter here in New England and I am ready for some time outside.

We have a great bike path behind my house and there are some great fields and areas to go hiking and I CAN’T WAIT!

What better way to spend some time with your dog than outside hiking through the woods.

Personally, I love letting my dog run, sniff, romp and play off leash. Of course, I only do this where my dog is allowed and I only do it if I know my dog will come back when called.

Teaching your dog to come when called is THE most important command to teach.

Dogs that come when called have a much better and safer life and that is one of the main reasons I developed The Ultimate Online Recall Course.

You’ll learn my simple, step by step “system” for teaching your dog to come when called.

I’ve also decided to include my special report “Act Like A Human, Think Like A Dog” with the course.

Here is what is included in the special report:

Why I think the “Alpha Rollover” is one of the worst dog training techniques ever

The #1, single best dog training advice I ever learned – and how this simple advice can completely change the way you look at dogs and training

How to prevent everything from separation problems to aggression by following four simple steps. (This is so easy to follow you’ll be wondering why this is not taught by all dog trainers.)

The best game to play with your dog that will 1) Develop a strong bond with your dog 2) Build trust and 3) Become one of the best ways to motivate your dog

Why tug games can be the most dangerous games to play with your dog AND why tug games can be the best game to play with your dog. (Most dog owners are completely confused about this game. Learn all the details you need to know in this section.)

The one command your dog should do before every meal. (Doing this will help with establishing control and leadership.)

My uncensored opinion on what is the best breed of dog for families with children. (This is not the only breed that is good with kids but what I feel makes a great family pet.)

You can get it all by going here NEXT:

Always Come When Called