My wife loves to sleep in on Sundays.

Last Sunday I brought some coffee to her in bed and she was watching the old “I Love Lucy” show.

I loved watching the re-runs of that show when I was a kid but she had never seen it.

I told her that Ricky Ricardo would be a great dog trainer.

She asked why? I answered that Ricky could really dance and his little “Cha Cha” step can really help anyone that has a dog with a jumping problem.

You see, I’ve been training dogs for a long time and I know first-hand that one of the biggest problems experienced by dog owners is jumping.

I would say that about 80% of dogs jump when they greet and the problem is not really the owner’s fault.

Dogs get very excited when anyone comes over the house. They are extremely social animals and love to greet.

Most of the time we either intentionally or UN-intentionally reinforce the jumping behavior.

We either push and yell at the dog to get down or we call the dog up and reward the jumping.

For years, dog trainers have advised to knee the dog in the chest – NOT good advice.

The dog learns to avoid the knee or gets hurt.

All you need to do is watch Ricky do a few dance steps and do the same. A quick “Cha Cha” movement towards your dog as he jumps will discourage the behavior and most importantly it will not in any way reinforce the behavior.

Here’s the rub – this won’t work on every dog. Not one technique does. It is also the reason I show four different ways to stop jumping on the Good K9 Manners course.

There are video instructions, clearly showing how to stop jumping, begging, barking, stealing, and a whole lot more.

If you’re ready to end unwanted behaviors with your dog check out

Good K9 Manners

You’ll be glad you did!

All the best,