Here is some advice you won’t hear from every dog trainer.

Treats can actually backfire on you when you are training.

Yes, you read that correctly, let me splain:

There is a HUGE difference between rewarding behavior and bribing behavior.

The big mistake that many people make (especially with the come when called command) is that they use the treat as a bribe and not a reward.

Many people will bribe their dog to come back when they call. My sister has three great little dogs and when they are out in the backyard she always bribes them to come back into the house.

Sometimes they listen and often they don’t. In order to get them in the house, she has to come up with a stronger bribe.

You see, a bribe puts your dog in control. Your dog can decide to take the bribe or to ignore it.

A reward on the other hand correctly reinforces the behavior and keeps you in control of the situation.

If your dog is not coming when called, it may be because you are bribing and not rewarding.

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