Behavior Problems

The Amazing Peacock Training Man

Spent the day at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston yesterday. It’s a lot of fun watching Scarlett and we had a nice day. But there was one interesting situation that I observed. The zoo has an outdoor area...
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Witness To A Dog Bite

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I had a booth at a local event called The Bark In The Park. Saw a lot of great dogs and people. I also was surprised by a few of the dogs and...
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Leash Walking

Please Don't Trash This Post

Spent Sunday on the beach with Rach, Scarlett and our little dog Martini. Love that I can take my pup with me to the beach. Where I live has some of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast....
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Terminator Teaches Me “The Spark”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one interesting dude. Regardless of how you feel about him, he has accomplished some amazing things. World champion bodybuilder, big screen actor, successful businessman, Governor of California, there is no question about it, he knows a...
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