Leash Walking

Is Your Dog A Little Monster?

Are you familiar with Lady Gaga? She’s a pop singer with a HUGE following. She’s done some outrageous stunts that have made many people angry. Here’s a short list: 1. Wore a dress made out of raw meat to...
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How To Train Your Dog To Go Anywhere

Had a great Father’s Day yesterday. Spent the day at the beach with Rach, Scarlett and Martini. You can see a picture of them on my Facebook page: Amazing Dog Training Man Facebook Page If you look closely you’ll...
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Laws Of “Dog Training” Success

Napoleon Hill wrote a book back in the 1930’s called the Laws of Success. In it he shares 17 principles for success. Number 10 is an interesting one. You see, principle 10 is Accurate Thinking and Mr. Hill states:...
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