Do NOT Feed Your Dog Grapes

Interesting response to yesterday’s email. Here are few of the messages I received after yesterday’s highly entertaining, informational and interesting email: “YOU’RE AN IDIOT! YOU NEVER FEED A DOG GRAPES!” “You do know that grapes are toxic for dogs.”...
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Behavior Problems

Chew On This

Little Scarlett has been a little cranky lately. And I think I know why. Within the last few days her little teeth have been coming in and I think that is the reason. We went to my sister’s house...
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No Treats, No Clickers

Busy, busy couple of weeks for your pal the Amazing Dog Training Man. Rach and I decided to move back to the coast. We’ve been living in Western MA for a few years and I really missed living close...
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Thank God I Can’t Use Tools

True story. In high school my grades were so bad I was put into a trade school. One year later I was back in regular school because I was terrible with any tool placed in my hand. Fast forward...
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