So in yesterday’s highly informative email I stated:

“Socialize early!!! If you have a puppy under four months old please go to a puppy class, go to the beach, go to the woods, the city, and around other friendly dogs and people. Socialize!”

And knew I would get email about this advice.

Here is an email from Derek that I got yesterday:

Hi! I’m not a Vet, but I think a puppy under 4 months doesn’t have all the vaccines and shouldn’t be hanging in the beach or places with no disease control. Better to socialize in private clean spaces until he gets all the meds. Just my opinion. Thanks for all the tips.

Now, I am going to try and make this crystal clear so no one takes this the wrong way.

I COMPLETELY understand where Derek is coming from. His is the same opinion that most veterinarians have. I COMPLETELY understand why they would keep their puppies in the house and away from strange dogs, places and people.

I UNDERSTAND but have to take a different view. You see, socializing your puppy is one of your most important tasks as a new puppy owner.

You have a very short window of opportunity to get your pup used to the big wide world outside your doors. A socialized puppy will be much more stable and able to handle normal day to day activities like meeting people and going to different places.

If NOT properly socialized, all types of behavior problems can crop up and the big one is fear.

Fear is the most difficult behavior for a trainer to deal with. Fear cancels out thinking and the dog just defaults to escape and if escape is not an option aggression is usually the answer.

The #1 killer in this country for dogs is NOT rabies, parvo or any other disease your dog is vaccinated for.

The #1 killer is Behavior Problems. Thousands of dogs are put to sleep every year after they bite someone. Thousands of dogs are dropped off at shelters or dumped on some country road with most of them ending up being killed.

So many of these dogs could have been saved if they had been properly socialized and started their training early.

For me personally, I take my pups everywhere with me. Soon as they come home it’s right into a puppy class, to the beach, park and puppy daycare and they’ve all made it out of puppyhood.

I also start training using positive techniques that do NOT intimidate or harm the pup. Much like the techniques I use to teach dogs to walk on leash that I show on the Leash Walking Secrets Course.

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