Spent the day at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston yesterday.

It’s a lot of fun watching Scarlett and we had a nice day.

But there was one interesting situation that I observed. The zoo has an outdoor area where you can have lunch.

Peacocks are allowed to walk around the area and naturally everyone feeds them. I watched one guy with his daughter feeding the peacocks. They were having fun feeding them from their hands and even putting the food on the table for the peacocks to come up and eat off.

After about ten minutes of this they decided to eat their lunch. This is where it got interesting. The peacocks were still hungry and wanted more. The father got angry and started yelling at the peacocks to go away.

When the yelling didn’t work he decided to swat at them, getting so angry that he picked up their lunch and went indoors to eat. The peacocks never once bothered me. I never fed them. I knew that if I did they would hang around and I would have no one to blame but myself.

Maybe I should become the Amazing Peacock Training Man.

Actually I don’t have to change my name because behavior is behavior and it does not matter what species you are dealing with. Reward behavior and you’ll get more of it – dogs, cats, mice, killer whales or peacocks.

And here is what is instructional.

We often teach our dogs behaviors that we eventually get mad about. Most puppies come into the house and are taught to jump up and then we get mad when the puppy turns into a 90lb. dog that could knock over Vince Wilfork. Dogs are fed from the table and we get upset when they turn into professional beggars.

And the list goes on and on.

Anyway, before I shove off for the weekend I wanted to let you all know that we have a had a rough few weeks with our websites.

The AmazingDogTrainingMan.com website was down and we had no control over it for about a week. Any email sent to eric@amazingdogtrainingman.com did not make it through. So if you have tried to contact me through that address and I did not get back to you, I apologize.

Also, our flagship website, Dog Training Inner Circle had to be moved. I am not the technical part of my business and have no idea how they work or what html, plug ins, whizzy whigs are.

That is Rachael’s department and she has worked her tush off moving hundreds of pages and building the new website. It has been done but still needs a few tweaks which will get done in the next week or so.

The new website Dog Training Inner Circle does look awesome and going to be much better.

So thank you for your patience and everything should be back on track.

All the best,