On Sunday I attended a pet festival in New Bedford, MA.

Had a great time and just before leaving this dude approached me with his Rottweiler.

He found out I was a trainer and wanted to debate training styles. I don’t think he understood that he was talking to The Amazing Dog Training Man. That I am a highly trained, highly skilled dog training specialist.

All kidding aside, he wanted to tell me how wrong it is to use treats to train. That the dog should not have to be “bribed” to do a command.

I pointed to his dog’s prong collar and asked him why he had it on his dog. Before he could answer I explained that dog training is all about consequences. That you either apply a positive or negative consequence.

I explained that he had a prong collar on his dog so that he could apply a negative consequence when his dog did not comply. I added that training using negative or positive consequences are two sides of the same coin.

You see, you can use a treat and reward your dog for performing a command or you can use a prong collar and apply a “correction” to get your dog to do the command.

I pointed out that if his dog was so well trained, he would not have to use the prong collar. He was not happy with my expert explanation of dog training.

I really don’t like getting into these discussions because it rarely changes anyone’s mind. We all tend to develop ideas about how something should be done and have a difficult time changing our beliefs.

Paradigm shifts rarely occur.

Anyway, I shook the guy’s hand and wished him all the best with his dog and training.

That’s how I roll nowadays.

Speaking of how I roll…

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