The July 4th “One Word” Dog Training Secret!

The July 4th “One Word” Dog Training Secret!

Hope you have a great day today.

My parents have been hosting an annual clam boil and this year is their 40th! Looking forward to it.

So today I am going to show you how to improve your dog’s recall with just one word.

Impossible you say.

Remember, I am The Amazing Dog Training Man.

But first – do you remember the movie Braveheart? Right before our hero, William Wallace, is about to come to a very grisly end, the executor asks him to say the word, “Mercy,” for a quick death.

Instead he screams one word at the top of his lungs:


Freedom is the one word that will improve your dog’s recall command. You see, the majority of dogs live a life of confinement. They have to for their own safety, but most dogs spend their lives behind a fence, in a car, in a crate, in a house or on a leash. When your dog is off leash and he knows he is free, the last thing he wants to do is head back to you because he knows his freedom will be taken away again.

So how do we fix this problem? We have periodic Independence Days for your dog. Let your dog party and do what she wants. Give her some freedom to just be a dog.

“Yeah but how do I let my dog have an “Independence Day” when he will run off and I can’t catch him, Mr. Amazing Dog Training Man?”

Glad you asked. Here is how you safely do this. First, find a good location where you can let your dog run around without bothering anyone else. There are a lot of parks and fenced in baseball fields.

Next, buy a cheap clothes line and attach it to your dog’s collar. With the long line on you can still have a level of control that you wouldn’t have without it. Your dog can drag the long line and you can step on it and bring your dog back to you when you are ready to leave.

When your dog develops a sense of freedom and is allowed to sniff, pee and do what she wants for a while, you’ll see a HUGE improvement in your dog’s recall.

In the Ultimate Online Recall Course you’ll discover my system for teaching your dog to do this command.

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