Everyone is talking about resolutions and goals this time of the year.

Better relationships, health, finances, train the dog this year, start a business, exercise, etc. etc. etc.

All of us have been told thousands of times that we need to make goals and resolutions.

We have all also heard all the stats – 90% of all goals and resolutions will be abandoned within the first month.

Well, my dog loving friend, you came to the right place to discover the “Secret” to accomplishing your goals this year.

I did not make this up, I learned it from one of the most successful business authors of all time.

The author?

Napoleon Hill.

Mr. Hill teaches that if you want to accomplish anything, you HAVE to have a “Definiteness of Purpose,” also known as your GOAL.

He adds that you have to write your goal AND include two important words in order to reach your goal.


…since you are addicted to reading my blog posts, I am going to share the two words with you.

You’ll be able to train your dog, eat better, exercise, start a business or accomplish any other goal you may have been thinking about.

Let’s say you want to teach your dog to have good manners this year.

No more stealing, begging, jumping, digging, etc.

You would write out your goal. This does not have to be long or complicated, BUT you have to include the two words.

Your goal could look like this:

“I (your name) will teach my dog to have Good K9 Manners in 2013. My dog will learn to greet politely when guests come over, stop begging and stealing food off the table and counters. In return, I will spend ten minutes a day working with my dog and get help with training by investing in Eric Letendre’s Good K9 Manners program.

Signed – Your name

Did you figure out what the two words were?

“In return.”

Mr. Hill teaches that we can never get something for nothing. You have to write out what you are going to do in order to get your goal completed.

So many people write out their goals and NEVER include the “In return” part.

It is the “Missing “Secret” to goal setting.

As we move into 2013, write out your goals, whatever they are – eating right, exercise, savings or training your dog, review it often and make sure you include “In return” and you’ll be much more successful this year.

Start training your dog today using the Good K9 Manners program – IN RETURN, you can get it at a discount. Just use the coupon code: 10-OFFK9MANNERS at checkout.

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Many blessings to you and your family in 2013!