There is a company in Woodland Hills, CA that operates as a doggy CSI.

If your dog takes a dump and you don’t pick it up, this company will take a sample of your dog’s poop and track you down.

How do they do it?

Through the dog’s DNA.

Poo Prints West is the company and they use the same DNA testing that police do to hunt down criminals.

This is how it works:

A residential community signs up for the service.  It requires its tenants to have their dogs swabbed for a DNA sample, then when some “evidence” is discovered, a nickel-sized sample would be tested.

Right now it is mostly used in apartment complexes and home owner associations.

Anyway. . .

. . . I’m glad I taught my dogs to go “on command.”

I give my dogs the “Get busy” signal and the floodgates open and the best part – this is not that difficult to teach.

Moral of the story.

Train your dog to go #1 and #2 on command. It really makes your life easier on cold rainy days or when the Doggy DNA Team comes to your town.

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