On Sunday my wife and I stopped at a Whole Foods Market to get some supplements for her cold. While we were there we decided to get some lunch and sit outside to enjoy the day.

As I was just about to eat a fork full of brussell sprouts I nearly jumped out of my chair. This little kid sitting at the table next to us screamed:


Rach and I were laughing because everyone could hear the kid. As Dad was trying to quiet him the wife walked up and said, "You’re eating tofu and the world hasn’t ended yet?"

I guess he doesn’t like tofu.

Anyway, as we walking away I said to Rach, "It’s funny how some foods create such a controversy."

As I was thinking about it the same thing happens with dog food. One of the big topics on the internet today is dog food and nutrition.

Dog lovers are constantly discussing and debating questions like…

What is the best food? Should you ever give your dog people food? Is feeding raw food good for your dog? What foods should you never give your dog?

After all, we all want the best for our dogs.

The reason I got interested in dog food and nutrition was because my dog Sammi. She developed a terrible skin and coat condition and nothing helped.

Her condition was finally solved through a major diet change. I felt that I should write about it and share what happened to my dog and what I learned.

That’s why I decided to write the "The Ultimate Dog Food Guide" and you can get it free…

I have a couple of finishing touches to put on it and you’ll be able to get it soon. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

All the best,