Monday night I was doing an interview with a good friend of mine.

The interview was on how to be your dog’s pack leader. One of the questions he asked me was how long have I been training dogs.

I told him my first job was way  back in 1988.

Over 20 years ago!

I thought about how much dog training has changed and evolved since I began training dogs. Luckily some of the old myths are starting to fade away. Here is a top 10 list of them:

1. Never start training until your dog is six months old.

2. Never play tug o war with your dog.

3. Always use a choke collar to train your dog.

4. Never use treats to train.

5. If your dog does not respond to a command give your dog an alpha rollover.

6. Dogs learn that you are the pack leader by scruff shaking and growling at them.

7. Never allow your dog on the furniture.

8, Never feed your dog  "people food."

9. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

And thankfully this last myth is going away…

10. Stick your dog’s nose in his mess when you find it in the house.


Some old myths die hard.

Not too long ago I got an email from someone that was told to shove her dog’s nose in his mess every time he has an "accident." I decided that it was time to sit down and put together a complete guide on housetraining.

My new HousetrainingHandbook will show you:

  • The six steps you have to follow to successfully housetrain your dog – miss just one of these steps and you’ll get more and more frustrated
  • 4 unusual tips that will show you how to housetrain any dog
  • The single, biggest reason why your housetraining efforts fail (nothing to do with the breed or age of your dog
  • 3 fool proof ways to make sure your dog never makes a mistake
  •  How to get your whole family to help you with housetraining
  • Why you should avoid most of the housetraining advice you hear
  • How to get your dog to understand you
  • How to handle a dog that "submissive pees" (a dog that pees every time you come home or he gets excited)
  • What to do when nothing seems to work
  • A little known secret that can housetrain any dog
  • How to teach your dog to let you know when they have to go outside
  • How to teach your dog to pee and poop ON COMMAND – This is as easily as teaching your dog the sit command, any dog can learn this! You’ll never have to stand out in the cold or rain waiting for your dog to go
  • Crate training secrets – The secret to crate training. This technique will have even the most stubborn dog going into the crate on command
  • How to housetrain a small dog
  • The one thing you have to do BEFORE you start housetraining an older dog
  • Why the instructions of dog food bags make it almost impossible to housetrain puppies
  • How to help a dog that urinates every time company comes over
  • The simple leash trick that will housetrain any dog
  • How to use your dog’s natural behaviors start working in your favor
  • FOR SMALL DOG OWNERS: You can housetrain your dog in four simple steps
  • The first thing you do before your start a housetraining program
  • The biggest reason why dog owners can’t housetrain their dogs
  • The #1 rule to remember if you want to successfully housetrain your dog
  • The 11 word sentence that will keep you from making the biggest mistake possible when it comes to housetraining

Check it out:

Housetraining Handbook

All the best,


P.S. The "How To Be The Leader" interview is included with the Housetraining Handbook.

Housetraining Handbook