This past weekend, Rach and I went to my friend Ted Karem’s book signing at the local Barnes N Noble.

I love going to book stores and always check out the dog training books.

As I was looking at all the new dog training books, I was struck by the same theme that I saw. Most of them focused on the wrong end of the training process.

You see, the real secret to successful dog training is to focus on the trainer, not the dog.

The dog’s training will progress according to the skill of the trainer.

It’s the reason a good dog trainer can take your dog and get fast results.

When it comes to training, the only difference between me training your dog or you doing it yourself is that I know and believe that I can train any dog.

In order to develop that belief, it took time and practice, but now when I take the leash of an unruly dog, I know that in a short period of time, I will get results.

In the past 18+ years that I have been helping people train their dogs, I’ve heard the statement, "I can’t train my dog," thousands of times.

Every time I hear that statement, I agree with the person. If you’re making that statement to yourself, you never will train your dog.


If you start telling yourself that you can and will train your dog, you’ll see big changes, and that’s where my friend Ted’s book can help.

Ted’s book, "Jumping On Water," is all about making the internal changes to get external results.

It truly is a book on how to train the trainer. If you’re not getting the results you want with your dog or anything else in life, check out Ted’s book at:

Jumping On Water

All the best,