True story.

Few years back I walked into Donald Trump’s casino in Atlantic City and sat down at the bar with Rachael to have a drink.

I handed the bartender a $100 bill. He pushed it back and said he could not accept it.

When I asked why, he said he didn’t have change.

Surrounded by thousands of slot machines, blackjack tables , roulette wheels and millions of dollars, this guy couldn’t make change for a $100 bill.

Anyway, I don’t gamble at casinos but I do like going in to watch people, especially on the slot machines.

You see, there is only a slight difference between a slot machine and a soda machine.

They are both set up on a reward schedule.

A soda machine is set up on a Continuous reinforcement schedule.

A slot machine is set up on a Variable reward schedule.

And that my friend is very important for you to understand when you are training your dog.

No one gets excited with a soda machine or a Continuous reinforcement schedule. Put your money in and out pops a soda, which is predictable and boring. This is important when you start training your dog. Once your dog understands the command you need to become a slot machine.

Let’s look at people sitting in front of a slot machine.

They can sit there for HOURS because it is set up on a Variable reinforcement schedule. They never know what is going to happen, which keeps them in the game much longer than a soda machine ever can.


So when it comes to training your dog, you actually want to be UN-Predictable with your rewards once they get the hang of the command.

You’ll get a better response from your dog because it is more of a game that holds your dog’s attention.

And trying to train a dog that is NOT paying attention is about as difficult as nailing Jello to a tree.

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