Rachael And Scarlett

Rachael And Scarlett

Being married is very interesting.

My goal as a young boy was to never get married. I stuck with this goal until I was 40. Then like many of you, I met someone wonderful and wondered why I had such a stupid goal. I say it is interesting because of how in tune you become with your partner. I can walk in the house and know the mood immediately. Luckily, Rachael is almost never mad.


……It reminds me of the first lessons I got in dog training. You see, I got my start working with security dogs. I used to work in a very rough neighborhood and did K9 security.

I went on to do a lot of work with a friend that specialized in police dog training and drug and bomb detection. There was always one trait that we would talk about and look for in dogs that do this type of work.


In order for a dog to do protection work, he (or she) has to have a strong prey and defense drive.

Drives are a fascinating concept to learn about and understand when it comes to dog training. Every dog has three basic drives: Pack, Prey and Defense Dive. Defense being the most complex because it is split into fight and flight. It is interesting because your body language and tone of voice will affect what drive your dog will be in. If you stand up straight and talk in a calm tone of voice your dog will go into pack drive. Good for leash walking.

When you lean in or over your dog and talk in a low, growly tone, your dog will switch to defense drive. Your dog will go into defense drive when being scolded. When you get into a catcher’s position or lie on the ground and use a high pitch tone, your dog will go into prey drive. Great for doing recalls (come when called). Problems crop up when the dog has to go into a certain drive but your body language and tone of voice are saying something different.

If you lean forward and in a low tone of voice say, “Get over here right now!” You are asking your dog to come when called which requires your dog to go into prey drive. But your tone of voice and body language are putting your dog into defense drive. Now there is a conflict. Your dog is confused. You are making it difficult for your dog to respond to your command.

This is why I spend so much time explaining how to understand and use drives to get maximum results from all your training in the Ultimate Online Recall Course.

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