There’s an old story about the Sun and Wind.

Wind was always telling the Sun that he was stronger and had more power, that he could use his strength to outdo the Sun any day of the week including Sundays.

The Wind said he would prove it and pointed to a man with a jacket on. He informed the Sun that he would use his power to blow the jacket off the man.

With a big gust he blasted the guy. The man grabbed his jacket and pulled it tight around him. The wind blew harder. The man hugged his jacket tighter around him. The more the wind tried the more determined the man became to keep his jacket on.

The Sun calmly said step aside son and with a big smile on his face he turned up his rays.

The man mopped his brow and the Sun gently poured some more rays on him. Within a few minutes the man took off his jacket.

This is a good lesson to remember when training a dog. You’ll often get much better results by getting your dog to WANT to do a command than by FORCING your dog to do a command.

And when I am training dogs to walk on leash, they want to walk with me. That is why I don’t have to use gentle leaders, easy walk harnesses, prong or choke collars.

And guess what?

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