I’ve been in the dog training game a long time.

Started out in 1988 and have been training ever since.

All of the training I was exposed to in the early days was very negative based. Lot of choke chains, no food or treats – ever, and harsh punishment if the dog did not respond.

It amazes me how forgiving dogs are.

Last Sunday, I met one of the dogs that survived Michael Vick’s dog fighting kennel.

The dog’s name is Cherry Garcia and she was used as bait for dog fights. She spent six months being rehabilitated and was adopted to a family.

Watching Cherry, I could see that she was still nervous and a little shy.

I was, and always will be amazed at how forgiving dogs are.

It still makes me sad to think of the training techniques still being taught today.

Dog training really does not have to be harsh or cruel and I know it can get frustrating when a dog starts to do certain behaviors.

I have gotten angry when I have come home and found my shoes destroyed or poop on the carpet.

It is the reason I developed The M.U.T.T. Method for dealing with behavior problems.

Using the M.U.T.T Method and learning how to apply a negative consequence is all you need to know to stop any behavior problem.

When a consequence is applied correctly, you never have to worry about harming your dog and you can help your dog learn.


…I can show you how, at:

Good K9 Manners