“Why You Should Never Give Your Dog A Bone,” by Ben Settle

I came across this book yesterday on Amazon.com

When I saw the title I had to check it out.

Then I read the “secrets” it contained and had to order it.

Secrets like:

* Why yelling at your dog when she misbehaves actually makes her more likely to misbehave in the future. (Page 142)

* How turning off your cell phone in the summer time can help prevent your dog from getting heat exhaustion. (Page 117)

* Why one of the best times to check your dog’s hearing is when you (or someone in your house) comes down with a cold. Page 57)

And my favorite:

* How to almost completely eliminate your dog’s farting. (Page 35)

Sounds like good stuff and I’ll give you a full review after I read it.

Anyway, I agree that you should NEVER give your dog a certain type of bone.

Would you like to know what kind of bone your dog should never get?

Excellent, the type of bone your dog should never get is…


I never give my dogs cooked bones because they become brittle and can easily splinter as your dog is chomping on it.

I have given my dogs raw bones for years and believe that they are very healthy for dogs.

The best advice about dog nutrition I ever got came from an Australian vet. The vet said we need to look at the diet of the dog’s wild cousins.

Look at what they eat in the wild and it will give us the best advice on how to feed our dogs and keep them healthy.

Dog nutrition became a HUGE concern of mine years ago when I could not help my little sheltie.

Everything we tried either had no effect or backfired and she became worse.

I finally looked into her diet, changed the way I fed her and watched her health dramatically improve.

Improve to the point that she lived to 18 years old and passed away peacefully in Rachael’s arms one summer morning.

A lot of dog owners have questions about canine nutrition and it’s the reason we have a whole section on the topic and a forum devoted to canine nutrition questions on The Dog Training Inner Circle.

Check it out here:

The Dog Training Inner Circle

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