Well, here we are 95 years later.

95 years is a long time but it was worth the wait.

The Red Sox won the World Series in Boston for the first time in 95 years – awesome!

The third time since 2004.

Here’s the interesting thing. The Red Sox won the World Series in 1918 and then went 86 years before winning again.

After 86 years, they went on to win in 2004, 2007 and then 2013.

I told my friend in 2004 that they would win a couple more times over the next few years.

Am I a psychic?

Do I have a magical baseball crystal ball?


It really comes down to understanding human behavior, or as the great Vince Lombardi said:

“Winning is a habit, unfortunately so is losing.”

Basically it’s all in your head.

Take the four minute mile.


Will never be done.


Then on May 6, 1954 Roger Bannister runs the mile in 3 min 59.4 sec.

Hold on, here is the interesting part. His record was broken 46 days later.

Was it a physical block or a mental block?

I think you’d have to agree it was a mental block.

I clearly remember sitting across from this guy a few years back and was listening to him give me a big, long list of reasons why his dog would never come when called or walk on leash like other dogs.

This was his second dog AND the second time I heard this speech.

I refunded him and walked out. I was never going to be able to help this guy. I recommended he re-home the dog.

You see, dog training starts in your melon. Without going all Tony Robbins on you, you really do have to approach training with a positive, “I can do this, my dog can do this,” type of attitude.

It’s a good way to approach life too.

Anyway, have a great weekend and if you need help training your dog, you can head on over to The Dog Training Inner Circle and become a member:

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